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Portage Mirror

Da alte portage trees so in der Form wohl nicht so leicht zu finden sind mit Tag und Datum, hab ich jetzt einen portage git mirror aufgesetzt.

Web Interface to it

clone via https or git

git clone
git clone git://

Hier hab ich das im gentoo forum geschrieben. Mal sehen ob es angemommen wird…

As i read that the attic portage trees are not available anymore, i just setup a daily synced and gpg verified
git repository on my server. Of course it starts just today. But in some time it might be helpful. This is a fast
server, enough mem and with good upload. Maybe it is helpful for some people. Each commit is also tagged, by the
date the commit was created.

It fetches the portage tree every night at 3:09 am german time from If this usage
is not liked from the gentoo team, just send me an PN or email to me to stop it.

I know, it is just a "server from someone", but i got a lot from gentoo and this is a try to give something back
except bug reports ;)

[b]Web Interface to it[/b]

[b]clone it via https or git[/b]
git clone
git clone git://

It checks the latest portage tree with the gpg signing keys of the gentoo team. 
gpg --homedir=/etc/portage/gpg --list-keys
pub   4096R/96D8BF6D 2011-11-25 [verfällt: 2015-11-24]
uid       [ uneing.] Gentoo Portage Snapshot Signing Key (Automated Signing Key)
sub   4096R/C9189250 2011-11-25 [verfällt: 2015-11-24]

pub   1024D/17072058 2004-07-20 [verfällt: 2016-08-13]
uid       [  unbek.] Gentoo Linux Release Engineering (Gentoo Linux Release Signing Key) <>
sub   2048g/1415B4ED 2004-07-20 [verfällt: 2016-08-13]

pub   4096R/2D182910 2009-08-25 [verfällt: 2015-08-24]
uid       [  unbek.] Gentoo Linux Release Engineering (Automated Weekly Release Key) <>

The commits look like this:
commit caf53e00d0c6c54b60bc8cd2e365ef2be265fe25
Author: <just edited here: no spam bait>
Date:   Thu Jun 25 19:28:33 2015 +0200

    Date: 20150625
    File: portage-latest.tar.xz
    Verify result:
    gpg: Signature made Thu Jun 25 02:55:24 2015 CEST using RSA key ID C9189250
    gpg: Good signature from "Gentoo Portage Snapshot Signing Key (Automated Signing Key)" [ultimate]
    Version: GnuPG v2
    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
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